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Microsoft: IE8 barred 1 billion malware downloads! Internet Explorer 8, with the help of its SmartScreen Filter, has "blocked 1 billion attempts to download malware," Microsoft product manager James Pratt said in a blog post Friday. The SmartScreen Filter evaluates URLs and their associated servers. If the software recognizes a server as containing malicious content, it displays a warning, saying it's unsafe to browse to a respective site that could cause harm on the user's computer. The user is then given the option to continue to the page or go back to their home page without downloading any content. According to Microsoft, the SmartScreen filter continues to improve. In August 2009, it blocked 70 million malware download attempts. At the time, just 15 percent of Web users were surfing with Internet Explorer 8. Today, Microsoft reported, nearly 26 percent of the Web population is using IE8, and the company's SmartScreen filter is blocking "five times more malware month on month" compared to August 2009.Courtesy of cnet news Security

This security tip is so important to you that it wel NEVER change! Basic data protection can be summed up in one word, BACKUP! I apologize for yelling but this is by far the most important thing to do. All your equipment can be replaced with identical equipment and is even coverable by insurance. Your data is unique to you and in many cases can never be replaced if lost. So again I say, BACKUP! An effective backup is automatic, daily, and off site. A good backup works even if you forget about it and even if your location is destroyed because there is a copy of your data in another location.

In the last decade, computers have become an integral part of everyday life, used for a variety of reasons at home, in the workplace, and at schools. Almost every computer user encounters a problem occasionally, whether it is a crashing hard drive or forgotten password.

The explosion of computer use has created a high demand for specialists to provide advice, as well as day-to-day administration, maintenance, and support of computer systems and networks.

We have many methods of facilitating support, from virtual site visits and in shop repairs to business or home site visits.We are dedicated to the convenience of all of our customers.

Smart Window or Snap, allows the user to view two windows side-by-side in Windows 7 without having to manually re-sizing either window. This is also useful if you don't want to use Alt-Tab between 2 windows.1.Click and Drag on the top title bar of the first window so your mouse pointer hits either the left or right side of your screen. Let go of the window when you see the outline of the window re-size to of the screen. 2.Then choose the other window you wish to view on the side of the first window. Click and Drag the 2nd window to the opposite side of the screen until the mouse pointer hits the side of the screen and resizes to the other of the screen. These steps can also be done using the Windows key and the right and left arrow keys by doing the below steps. 1.While pressing the Windows button on your keyboard, press either the Right or Left arrow. This will move the open window to either the left or right portion of the screen. 2.Choose the other Window you wish to view to the side of the Window in step one. When using the Windows key for this step, as described in step one above, use the opposite (right or left) arrow button that you used in step one. There are three different ways to get out of this view, below are some of the different methods this can be done. 1.Click and drag the window so the mouse pointer hits the top of the screen and let go. This will put the window back to regular size. 2.If you just want to view one of the minimized windows that was in side by side view, simply click and while holding the mouse button down shake the window you wish to view and it will minimize all other widows to the Taskbar. To reopen windows that were minimized by this step, simply click and shake the window you are using again, and they will re-appear. 3.Press the Windows key on your keyboard, and at the same time, press either the up arrow or the down arrow. The up arrow will maximize the screen; the down arrow will put the screen to minimize.;

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